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Conservation Volunteering & Internships With Wildlife Research Africa

Join Wildlife Research Africa and volunteer to contribute with wildlife research & conservation and monitor some of Africa's most iconic animals

Join Wildlife Research Africa and volunteer to contribute with wildlife research & conservation and monitor some of Africa’s most iconic wild animals.

immobilization and fitment of new radio collar on cheetah

Veterinarian Student Internship

Over the last couple of years we had many veterinarian students conducting their internships with us. Many of these students had the opportunity to work with a veterinarian on the reserve. The type of work depends on what needs to be done at the specific time on the reserve. These students may assists with game capture and/or immobilization of predators to fit new GPS/VHF collars and/or the treatment of sick wild animals. All types of student assist with the monitoring and tracking of predators and mega-herbivores (elephants & rhino). Please read some of these student’s testimonials about their experience with us on our Home Page.

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Conservation volunteering

Ecological studies / Environmental Management Internship

Natural ecological systems function because various biotic and abiotic factors that are interlinked with each other. A great diversity of  natural habitats give rise to a large diversity of wild animals on the Game Reserve, both large and small. These students learn how some of these ecosystems function and can see some of these practically. 

They can visualize some of the natural  associations that different species have with one another and how these relationships may influence each individual. They learn and understand population dynamics of keystone species, management aspects of mega-herbivores and large predators and management issues that reserves face with the conservation of these species. This is the ideal conservation volunteer project.

Monitor cheetahs

All of our interns and volunteers work along the Wildlife Management Team!

Start your internship or just volunteer and you will work alongside the professional Wildlife Unit of the well known Entabeni Game Reserve. The Wildlife Unit is responsible for the management, conservation and research of the reserve’s wild animals. You will be facilitated by the resident Researcher / Ecologist / any other Game Management staff and will volunteer and assist with conservation duties:


  • Radio tracking of lion and cheetah using radio telemetry
  • Elephant and rhino monitoring
  •  Placement of motion cameras
  • Endangered species research
  • Red-billed oxpeckers inventories
  • Documentation and observation of studied animals’ behaviour
  • Learn the tracks and spoor of wild animals
  • Field research methodology
  • Large predator monitoring
  • Removing of encroucher or alien plant species
  • Any other research, maintenance and conservation activities
Conservation volunteering
Volunteer with elephants

A maximum of four volunteers at a time can be accommodated. The small groups ensure that every body will be actively involved with the various activities being conducted. Money generated from volunteers’ participation is used for the research projects expenses such as tracking equipment, collars, camera traps, diesel and other expenses. Your contribution will enable us to expand the research project and will make it possible to include other large predator species such as leopard and brown hyaena.

conservation volunteering
Learn ecological principals and how ecosystems function

If people can better understand what limits some of these species, managers and owners of land will be able to conserve these species more effectively as natural areas becomes smaller and more fragmented.

Our Mission

To give students and people eager to learn more about Africa’s wildlife the chance to track and monitor some of Africa’s most iconic species. Educate ecological aspects so that people understand how ecosystems function. 

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Learn large predator ecology

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